The team


A well-designed and implemented project, especially in the environmental field, is the result of synergy between different professionals and continuous teamwork, where each resource provides its know-how, professional experience and attitude to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time.

This is the approach with which Desmos engineers face every project, from the simplest to the most complex and articulated one.

Desmos is made up of a group of professionals who have worked together for many years, with different expertise, and who have formed a close-knit team.

Continuous training

Desmos firmly believes in the importance of continuous technical and regulatory updating to keep abreast of the latest developments and provide its customers with an innovative point of view and approach.


Il Team

Matteo Castiglioni

Industrial Expert
Matteo graduated as an industrial expert, mechanical curriculum (G. Giorgi state industrial technical institute in Milan, 1997).
He has been working in the field of environmental consulting for about 13 years. As a technical draughtsman in the field of environmental and geotechnical engineering, he has gained experience in the design at various levels of contaminated site remediation and permanent safety measures, waste disposal and treatment plants (both municipal and special) with surface reconstruction from topographical surveys, aimed at the creation of 3D excavations with relative volumetric calculations of earthworks, construction of waste disposal sites for public and private clients.

Marco Condorelli

Environmental Engineer
Marco received the M. Sc. in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering (University of Palermo, 2005). He is a member of the Milan Order of Engineers since 2006 (no. A 27607). In 2006/2007 he received a second level master’s degree in Environmental Geotechnology (MSGA). He has been working in the fields of environmental, civil and geotechnical engineering for more than 13 years and he has collaborated with leading national and international consulting and design companies.
He has worked on sanitary landfills and waste treatment plants, environmental characterization of contaminated sites, and the design of remediation and safety measures, both with regard to technical and design aspects and activities for the acquisition of environmental permits.

Gianluca Fretti

Environmental Engineer
Gianluca received the M. Sc. degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering (Politecnico di Milano – Technical University of Milan, 1998). He is a member of the Bergamo Order of Engineers since 2000 (n°2620). He has also been qualified to act as Safety Coordinator for temporary or mobile construction sites (ex Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended). He has been active in the field of environmental engineering for over 20 years. As a Project Manager he has been directly involved in the design (preliminary and detailed) and supervision of projects for waste disposal and treatment plants. He has also gained significant experience in EIA and AIA procedures for waste management and industrial production plants, coordinating working groups, drafting technical documentation and following the authorization process with the authorities. He has also worked as a consultant on the remediation of contaminated sites, waste management, construction and demolition waste (including asbestos) for public and private companies. He has acted as Site Operational Director and Safety Coordinator during execution.

Roberto Galbiati

Roberto received the M. Sc. degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies (University of Milan at Bicocca, 2011) with a focus on applied geology. For 10 years he has been working in the geotechnical, geological and environmental field, with experience gained mainly abroad as a supervisor and field coordinator for the execution of geotechnical and environmental investigations and the construction of geotechnical works for industrial plants.
In Italy he has worked in the environmental field, both on site and in the field, as part of operational safety measures and environmental reclamation.

Benedetta Grasso

Under construction

Ludovico Martellucci

Environmental Engineer
Ludovico received the M. Sc. degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering Environmental Technologies qualification, (University of Palermo, 2014). He is a member of the Palermo Order of Engineers since 2015 (Sec. A - n° 9200). As an environmental engineer he has gained direct experience in the field of design (preliminary, final and executive) of waste disposal plants.
He covers the role of site inspector and assistant to the Safety Coordinator during the design and execution phase in the construction of controlled landfills.

Paolo Parla

Civil Engineer
Paolo received the M. Sc. degree in Civil Engineer for the defense from natural disaster (Politecnico di Milano - Technical University of Milan, 1997), with a thesis in Earthquake Engineering. He is member of the Milan Order of Engineers since 1998. He has more than 20 years of professional experience dedicated in particular to the evaluation of the stability of slopes, embankments and excavations, to the design of stabilization works, earth retaining structures, geotechnical special works (diaphragm walls, slurry cutoff walls and soil improvement works) and to the application of geosynthetics in constructions (reinforced earth works, containment lining systems).
He has been static tester of seismic improvement works after the earthquake of April 6, 2009. He is member of AGI, ISSMGE and AGI-IGS.

Ada Pohlenz

Chemical Engineer
Under construction

Virna Spadini

Virna received the M. Sc. degree in Architecture (Politecnico di Milano - Technical University of Milan, 1999) with a score of 100/100 with a thesis on sensory disabilities that was then presented at conferences and published in specialized magazines. Since 1999 she has been working as AutoCAD designer for important engineering companies, developing projects from the preliminary to the detailed stage. At the same time, she continues her activity as Interior Design Architect, dealing mainly with interior renovations, following the customer from the municipal permitting to the direction of works, up to the design of custom-made furniture. She has also worked with a major graphic design company as part of a retail project. From 2004 to 2009 she has been the Professor’s Assistant in the course of Interior Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. Since 2010 she is enrolled in the Register of Energy Certifiers of the Lombardy Region. In 2010 she won a European-wide Design Ideas Competition with the "Origami" project and in 2019 the "Puzzletray" project received a special mention and was exhibited at Milan Fashion Week.

Stefano Testori

Stefano Testori received the M. Sc. degree in Geological Sciences (University of Pavia, 2001), specializing in Applied Geology. He is a Member of the Order of Geologists of Lombardy (section A, n° 1713). He has been working in the geotechnical and environmental fields for about 19 years. As a field supervisor he has worked in Italy and abroad for important international clients for the realization of geotechnical and environmental engineering works. As a project manager, he has been involved in on-site and field management of containment and remediation works, environmental due diligence, geological and geotechnical consulting. Moreover, in the field of hydrogeology, he has gained several experiences in the realization of works for the extraction of groundwater for industrial use and in the field of geothermal heat exchange systems for commercial buildings. As Director of Operations and assistant to the Safety Coordinator he has gained experience in the construction of waste disposal and treatment plants (both municipal and special), safety procedures and remediations works under D. Lgs. 152/2006.

Marco Mongelli

Ingegnere Civile
He has bachelor degree in “Building Engineering” at “G.D’Annunzio” University of Chieti and Pescara. He has achieved the Safety Coordinator on construction site certificate. Actually, he’s attending the Master Degree in “Building Engineering” in University of Pescara. He has attended the Erasmus+ study program at University of Liège for 10 months and,during this experience, he has dealt with international norms about planning in building and enviromental fields. He got graduated inFirst Level Master in “Circular Economy 4.0: Energy, Technology and Enviroment” at Uninettuno University with a thesis about environmntal sustainability of finance for green enterprises.