Sectors of intervention


Engineering of waste disposal and recovery plants.

Desmos offers engineering and consulting services for the management of solid and liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous, municipal and special waste, increasingly considered a resource to be valued and recovered both in material and energy terms. When recycling, revalorization or utilization are not possible, the final disposal of the waste must take place in complete safety and must ensure maximum protection of potentially affected environmental matrices, an action possible only through careful and accurate design.

Our team of experts can boast decades of experience in the field that, thanks to a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, allows us to achieve the Best Available Technology, in compliance with the regulations of the sector, with particular attention to the assessment of environmental impacts on the territory and the economic and financial efficiency of the initiatives.

The consolidated know-how in the field of geotechnics, allows Desmos to glimpse, design and achieve design solutions in very complex morphological contexts; Desmos see opportunities and solutions where others see only too many obstacles.

Desmos provides its services for the design of new plants and interventions on existing plants, for private companies and public bodies in most of the Italian territory, from the concept and design to implementation, construction management and safety coordination in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08.


Site Remediation

Design of soil and water remediation works, reclamation and safety of contaminated sites.

Desmos offers engineering and consulting services for the recovery and return to the community of derelict sites, contaminated sites, abandoned landfills, planning both remediation interventions, providing for the elimination of the source of contamination, and permanent containment interventions, that is the encapsulation of the source of contamination.

The company's staff accompany the client throughout the entire process, from the initial stages of investigation and site characterization up to the implementation of interventions and the management of the works.

Strengthened by its expertise in the geotechnical field, our team can boast numerous consultancies and works supervision for the realization of permanent encapsulation systems through cement-bentonite diaphragm walls.


Ingegneria e consulenza ambientale alle industrie.

Desmos supports the client in the adoption of sustainable practices for the environment, for the reduction of risks of non-compliance with mandatory environmental legislation and supports him in obtaining all environmental authorizations (e.g. AIA, AUA), atmospheric emissions, water extraction and discharges, noise emissions.

Desmos is also the trusted partner for waste management consultancy, for the design of structural works, foundations and hydraulic systems and for health and safety consultancy as per D.Lgs. 81/08.

The team offers services to support companies both in the context of new industrial initiatives and in the context of existing plants to be adapted to the constantly evolving regulations, paying particular attention to economic and financial aspects: every successful initiative cannot disregard its economic sustainability.

The multidisciplinary approach, the consolidated and proven experience, the know-how acquired and the network of contacts, including in the academic and university spheres, allow Desmos to be the sole interlocutor of the customer on all issues.